Anti Pacman Game

Anti pacman is another pacman-like game, made in flash. Its name suggest that it is contrary to the original concept. Your aim is to chase Pacman, using the four ghosts. Each of them has its own number. To control them, you have to select the right number – 1,2,3 or 4 on the keyboard. Despite there is four ghosts and only one Pacman, your task is not as easy as it seems. Because you can control only one ghost at a time, the other move in a chaotic way in the maze while you are trying to lay an ambush on Pacman, and as you may suppose, a successful ambush should be done by two or even more ghosts. If only one of them survives, the game goes on, but it is impossible to catch Pacman and kill him – so the game could last forever.

The navigation in antipacman is quite difficult and only advanced players with quick reflexes could handle with this task. Futhermore, in the maze there are still four power pellets, which our yellow enemy can use to make us powerless and kill us easily (the best way to avoid Pacman is to hide in ghost pen, where he cannot enter). Once eaten, the anti pacman ghost does not appear immediately in ghost’s pen like in other pacman games but disappears once and for all.

Moreover, the ghosts – unlike in classical versions – move slower than Pacman and the time while they are blue and powerless (it happens when Pacman eat a power pellet) is longer than in the other spin-offs or classical versions. Needless to say, that if we add to all of this the fact that our task has to be done before Pacman collects all of the dots, the probability of passing to another level is rather small. However, the graphics is very pleasing (very similar to other similar games) and – it is very important for those of you who can’t stand Pacman’s music – in this spin-off you can easily turn it off, by using “M” on the keyboard for music, or “S” for other annoying game sounds. After passing the level, there is a funny image showing four pleased ghosts trampling Pacman or – if the little yellow creature defeated us – one happy (and licking his lips) Pacman.

8 Responses to “Anti Pacman Game”
  1. sammy says:

    its cool because the tabels are turned

  2. theaturelover123 says:

    This game drives me crazy!

  3. Brook mcqueen says:

    Ok by looking at these comments it sounds quite gd too bad I can’t actualy find the game but sure i will!!!

  4. Francisco says:

    Really a very nice and strategic game 😀

  5. cheeseduderocks says:

    Wow just passed level one :)

  6. bookie says:

    i only can pass 2 level

  7. jack says:

    hi lololololololol

  8. jack says:

    funny poop

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