Baby Pacman game

Do you like children? If the answer is yes, you should play Baby Pacman. It is another pacman game available online, but instead of typical Pacman here we have a baby, which creeps along the maze. Of course, the goal is as always to collect all of the dots, and avoiding enemies. However, in this flash game the ghosts are replaced by toys: winding dog, a creature similar to iguana, and little yellow chicken. They chase the baby pacman, but not as agressively as Blinky and Pinky (the red and pink ghosts from the original version of Pacman). To make them powerless, it is necessary to eat one of the four twinkling dots, located in four different corners of the maze. These are power pellets. After eating one, the toys will become blue, and you will have enormous speed (also the navigation will be easier than in the normal time).

Of course, this bonus time will not last long – beneath the caterpillar on the top right corner there is a table on which this special time is being countdown. Sometimes, if you are lucky, the killed toys will not return to the ‘toys’ pen, but stay trapped in the walls (it could be error of the game). They will stay there until you eat another power pellet and – unintentionally – free them.

If one of the toys touches the baby pacman, it will cry immediately and you lose a life. The shape of the maze does not differ so much from the original one, but the layout is quite good-looking – blue background and white walls, with a few trees around them (near the tunnels – there is one pair of them at the level). The traditional sound which characterize most of pacman games was replaced by a country melody. Interested? Don’t wait and play this free baby pacman arcade game!

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