Ben10 Pacman

With the new year, here come new Pacman games. Today we have one for the fans of the animated series “Ben10”. Ben10 is a popular cartoon featuring a boy with supernatural powers, fighting against evil impersonated by various space creatures. Our today’s Pacman game has classic rules but the typical Pacman is replaced by Ben10 figure and instead of the ghosts we have 4 space creatures. Would you like to play with us? You’re welcome.

Pacman is a game known throughout the world, and almost by everyone. In the past years there were a whole lot of different implementations of Pacman games – some better liked than others, but in reality, each of them brings a lot of fun. Today I have the opportunity to present Ben10 Pacman game which, although it features other heroes than the traditional Pacman game, is still based on the same principle.

Ben10 Pacman is a game that will particularly appeal to boys loving Ben10 cartoon, but girls can play, too. In this Pacman game there is traditionally the board, shaped identically as in the original game, although with different colors – here we have the green. There are flashing yellow dots scattered all over the board for Ben10 to eat but instead of the big yellow dots, there are yellow amulets rendering his enemies harmless.

Ben10 Pacman game is of course multi-level: you can see the level in the bottom left corner. At the bottom of the screen you can also see the amount of points (bottom right corner) and the number of lives (middle of the screen). For starters, as opposed to the classical game, we have 3, not five lives at our disposal. A tiny drawback is that there is no way to mute sound in the game or use pause but apart from that, the game is a lot of fun. You’re welcome to try!!!

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