Bunny Run

Do you like arcade games? Well, then Bunny Run would be a great source of entertainment for you.

Meet Fluff. He is the main character in the game. As every rabbit, Fluff loves carrots. Here, your task is to let him eat as many of these as possible. Does that really sound like a piece of cake? Better be careful!

Notice that whenever you move around the board, a black bomb will be following you closely almost all the time. The more progress you make in the game, the quicker the bomb is going to be moving. You have to stay on your guard almost all the time, because if you come into close contact with the bomb, the current level in the is over and you are going to lose and have to start over again. Don’t forget that you have 3 lives only. This unfortunately means, you will lose all the progress, after you get killed for the third time.

The thing that makes Bunny Run so great is its simplicity. In order to enjoy the game, you won’t have to install any sophisticated software on your computer. In fact, all you need to have is just a PC connected to the Internet and a Web browser. This means, you can also easily enjoy Bunny Run on any computer under the Sun, as it’s available without a few clicks of the mouse. Great entertainment without any need for strenuous and tiring installation.

Let’s take a look at the in-game screen. When you launch Bunny Run, you will see a menu containing a few basic options. If you are curious, who scored best, just hit ‘Leaderboard.” In case you feel that you have to acquaint yourself better with the game’s rules, simply click ‘Instructions.’ And if you liked the game, you can easily check more of these, by hitting the last button on the list. Oh, and whenever you think that the music or sounds are too disturbing, you can turn them off, by hitting the buttons in the lower right corner. Also, the main screen contains the basic information, like your current point score (that gets increased every time you push Fluff to eat a flower or a carrot,) as well as the number of lives you got lets. That’s not all – the basic screen contains information on the level you are currently on.

A few words about the navigation in Bunny Run. In order to complete it, you would need to move both horizontally and vertically. Simply use the arrows on your keyboard to do that. Easy, isn’t it?

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