Burger Pacman

Burger Pacman is another free online flash pacman game, however the plot is related with the cinema “Super size me”. It is a document made by Morgan Spurlock, a USA citizen, who was upset of the visibly getting worse state of health of Americans. He decided to make a movie about how junk food from McDonalds and similar restaurants affects on the health of an average man in the street. In order to do it, he ate for thirty days only the meals from McDonalds: BigMacs, french fries, fizzy drinks and so on. In fact, he put on weight about twelve kilograms, he frequently had headaches, his cholesterol increased, and he was in very bad shape. After releasing the movie, McDonalds decided to put into menu some healthy products, like salad. The game is an ironical and funny illustration of the conflict between Morgan Spurlock (which is the counterpart of classical yellow ball – Pacman) and McDonalds concern.

At the main window there is a link to an official site of the cinema, where you can learn how to lose weight and go on a balanced diet. Your task as a player is to eat all the hamburgers (instead of dots) and avoid clowns from McDonalds (replacing traditional ghosts), which are chasing you. Like in the original Pacman game, you can collect bonus fruits for extra points or other healthy products (like milk shakes for example).

To neutralize clowns, you have to eat one of the four cherries – after that, they turn on to blue colour (and look like if they were ill), move slower and you can easily destroy them (but not for long – they quite quickly return to the ‘clown’s’ pen, where they resurrect). After passing a few boards, you can see funny intermissions, like in many other free pacman games. However the goal of Burgerman Pacman is to make people cheer up, it also reminds them that the junk food is unhealthy and, for the sake of their own good, they should change their lifestyle, mainly – diet.

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