Chinese Pacman

Chinese Pacman is our new proposal for you. In truth the game is in Chinese, but this pacman game is worthy your attention, so I present it to you. I think if you read this description – language won’’t be a barrier. The most important thing to know is how to start the game, so when the “Welcome screen” appears you must click on the first link and this simple way allows you start pacman game. Other available options on the “Welcome screen” are: the second link – go to the game creator page, the third link – the rules of the game and a description of the bonuses, the fourth link – a list of players.

When you click the first link you begin the game. As you can see board of Chinese Pacman game is very different from the classical, but the principles are the same – you have to collect all the dots to move to the next level. Also in this pacman game you can see ghosts, but more than four. From time to time on the board you will see a new spirits.

Just like the classic pacman game here, you can also make that ghosts will run away from you. To do this you must collect blue diamond with limb. Also from time to time on the board will appear various bonuses, so that the game will be easier. It will be such as fruits, so that you get more points, snowflakes, which stop the ghosts in the place, lightning, that will make your pacman faster and the heart, which means more lifes.

On the bottom of the screen you can see the bar, where you can see all relevant information. So starting from the left you have: level, number of lives, your points, switch on/off the music and sounds, and in the right corner you can see various of collected bonuses. In the Chinese Pacman game, it’s possible to turn a pause – if you press “M” on your keyboard. After pressing the “M” you will see two options – left option mean “out of the game”, and right option mean “return to the game”.

I think everything is clear and now you know how to play Chinese Pacman. As you can see the language is not a problem, because in the game it isn’t needed.Traditionally, you can control Pacman with the arrow keys, or if you prefer you can use the WASD keys. That’s all – I wish you a good fun and successful transition of all boards in Chinese Pacman game. Good luck!

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  1. tamana says:

    niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gameeeeeeeeeee we luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it………………………………………………………………………………thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. haley says:

    wow love this game.. XD koooooooooooooool.!! :)
    I GOT 7620 PTS.. XD

  3. Rachel says:

    wow love this game :clap: this version is better then the classic one :) 😀

  4. Shaira says:

    okay,,,,,,,,.,,,……,,,.,.,,. now this one is way better than the normal pacman

  5. jay says:

    i got 7842

  6. Ariella says:

    This game is very fun!! 😀

  7. Kyana says:

    I love this game so much!This is great!

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