Circular Man

Would you like the next cool pacman game? This is cordially invited to play in the Circular Man. Circular Man is a pacman game in which you have to collect crystals to go to the next board. Circular Man differs from the traditional Pacman game that instead ghosts have diamonds and large dots instead of large crystals. It is also slightly different tack – places you haven’t one but two crystals government – which on one hand makes it difficult to play on the other, makes it even more fun.

If you like pacman games, which were created on the basis of traditional Pacman game, but have their own contribution so that tempt his originality is certainly Circular Man is the game for you. In this pacman game  traditionally are moving with the arrow keys. NOTE! The Circular Man game – Pacman is very sensitive so perform gentle movements, otherwise it will not fit in the narrow passages!

The second remark that I must mention is that as you will reap big crystals – your Pacman grows, so then you will definitely not pressing to narrow the gap, but they can collect colored crystals and get extra points for that.

Points in the game Circular Man are important to the extent that it can take up so high on the list of players. Number of points you’ll see at the top center of the screen. Going further to the right you off there and the number of live sound. Coming back for a moment to points – bonus points you can get for the collection of surprises that from time to time will appear on the board.

It’s basically all about this pacman game. I hope Circular Man will make you spend on our site enjoyable moments and want us come here again. Circular Man is really cool Pacman game, so try to find it, and if it doesn’t it – you are welcome to play in our other pacman games!

Good Luck!

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