Classic Pacman

Classic Pacman version is one of the most popular games even nearly thirty years after release. Its unflagging popularity is related with the simplicity of the game and its non-violent character.  It is also a free game, everybody can find it in the internet. However Pacman may seems to be a boring game, most of people who have played in pacman games claime that it is very absorbing and exciting form of spending free time.

I think that many of us can agree with it :). For those who had never before played in Pacman or pacman-like games, here are a few rules and tips, which should make the game easier. This yellow ball – it is you. You can move Pacman only by using arrows on the keyboard or a joystick, if you have one. You can’t jump or shoot in these version. Your only aim is to eat all the dots (it will move you into a higher level) and take all of the bonuses (if you want to reach the highscore). Speaking of bonuses, it’s worth to remain that after collecting 10000 points, Pacman receives a single bonus life. So the game is worth the candle :) At first it doesn’t look hard to manage, but be aware – those four ghosts aren’t friendly. Especcially avoid the red one and the pink one (Blinky, aka Shadow and Pinky, aka Speedy). Those two are very nasty ghosts. In comparision with Inky and Clyde (blue and orange ones) they’re natural born killers. They’re real nature well reveal their japan meanings – Chaser and Ambusher. The red one will try to  search the shortest way to you and Pinky knows where you are heading.

The best advise is to stay away from these two, even if it means getting closer to Inky and Clyde, and eat them first, if you have the opportunity – it would keep them out of play longer. Try also to catch all of the fruit bonuses,  but don’t risk your life for them – remember that you cannot save the game, only pause using the letter “P” on the keyboard, and you have only three lives.

So better be careful – the ghosts are dangerous. As you can see, on the board there are four blinking white points (these are called “energizers” or “power pellets”). After eating one of them, you’ll get the ability to chase the ghosts and eat them – they will change their colour to blue,  reverse direction and move slower. But leave this opportunity for the end of the game – when they all decide to hunt Pacman, or use as a last resort.  Then it would be easier to get more points at once. But be careful – the ghosts could be unpredictable. Don’t be astonished when they will ressurect – after eating them, their eyes go back to the centre of the board (a place called “ghost pen”) and then recreate themselves. Sometimes when you are chasing a blue ghost, others – which you have eaten before – can ressurect quicklier and kill you.  Remember also to stop eating dots when a ghost is right behind you – when Pacman is eating the dots, he moves slower.  In fact the best way to avoid chasing ghost is to turn on in a clear alley.  You can also turn onto a tunnel – but make sure that at the other side there is no ghosts – instead of rescuing yourself, you may get into some big trouble. What else you need to became a great Pacman player? A huge doze of patience, because game is not as simple as you thought at the beginning; certainly good luck and you have to train speed of reacting. But don’t give up! You still have a chance to break the Bill Mitchell’s record or even pass the not entirely playable two hundred seven level :) Good luck!

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  1. karen says:

    jus love the game im addicted

  2. shiv says:

    its very nice game

  3. Candyland12 says:

    This is the best game in the world!! 😀 8D 8D 8D

  4. natalia says:

    this is very nice game i have not played ever in my life…..

  5. pacman lover says:

    this game rocks

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