Crazy Pacman

There is another version of a familiar arcade – we have another version of the famous Pacman! Author version of Crazy Pacman Pacman common changed to its more extreme version. Definitely increased the speed of movement not only our hero, but also his opponents, which essentially hindered rules of the game. True, you can set a speed Pacman, by setting the panel on the left hand side, but unfortunately the speed is still definitely increased.

The basic rules of the game have not changed. You should collect the dots and avoid ghosts chasing us color, which deprive us of life. Using thicker dots are on our way they can be disposed of, then they take the blue color and we can get rid of them temporarily. How did you catch it then gain extra points if they change in the same eyes and are harmless. Unfortunately, only for a moment… The fairies will soon return to their original color, eyes that were the captured ghosts return to their base, where they regenerate and gain back their original sizes and colors. And of course, once again, a new start chasing our Pacman.

In addition to points, the catch of blue fairies, another gain by eating the same kropeczek that we find in their path, their thicker counterparts – so that for a moment get rid of the enemies, and above all by eating arise from time to time on our way to the fruit. With the fruit we can get as many as possible, but their gain is the most difficult. In addition, the board is an additional tunnel that allows us to quickly move from one page to another.

Adjusting the speed of movement of our hero lets us on the left side of the panel. Control the quality of our game, we can using the keys L (low) – can be reduced, and by H (high) – increase. Use the slider can change the game settings. Using the “-” speeding up the game and using the “+” slow down. To navigate our Pacman normally use the arrows. Use the ←, ↑, →, ↓ directed Pacman where we want to be headed.

Setting the speed of your Pacman depend on our personal preferences. Seemingly it is better when moving faster, because then the fairies have a bigger problem to catch it, but then the harder it is to control us. Worse direct it exactly on the lane in which we want to succeed. That’s why you have to set them up so that it is optimal for us. Through the modification made by the author, the game has become more difficult to overcome it and requires us to even greater agility than before.

By default, our hero has 3 lives and get rid of them can only when it collides with a colored gulp. The game can go only if you eat all the dots, that is, you should look into every corner Pacman. In contrast, spirits, against which we run through the entire game, despite appearances also do not move randomly, just as each of our sprites has a way to catch our hero. Fairies time to dissipate, and once focused, anything to confuse us and quickly grab Pacman.

Pacman is a game known probably everything and constantly improved. It can be said that already has its own story, as its creation was to your location of more than 30 years ago. Every player is looking for your favorite version of Pacman. By Crazy Pacman wants to try our skill at an accelerated pace, which gave us a much faster version of Pacman, than its standard counterpart.

I strongly invite you to the game and good luck!

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  1. Wayne says:

    Dude this game is way to fast!!I tried to slow t down but it just won’t work!!
    So I decided to play the old classic pacman instead

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