CyberClean: Pacmen

CyberClean: Pacmen – it’s quite unusual pacman game, because instead of running away from enemies, we have designed to eat them. The aim of this pacman game is eating as many enemies within a certain time, to occupy the highest place on the list of winners. Although the change is quite large, game CyberClean: Pacmen doesn’t lose its value and it’s really worth to played it.

If you tired of the classic pacman games is necessarily join us in CyberClean: Pacmen. It is a game inspired by the classic pacman games, but having their own rules of the game, totally different from those that represent us to the classical pacman game.

In the game CyberClean: Pacmen we don’t have to eat the dots and run away from ghosts. Also our pacman doesn’t look as classic pacman. In the game CyberClean: Pacmen we are dealing with aliens and our task is to eat all enemy aliens. The task is very simple, but it would be first on the list of players you have to really try and show great skill.

In this pacman game points are very important. Points we get when we eat aliens. The collected points can be viewed in the upper left corner of the game CyberClean: Pacmen. Below you can check the points in which you play, and even lower the time that you stayed to the end of the mission. Following the game CyberClean: Pacmen available critters you’ll see below, together with the amount eaten of each type of alien.

During the pacman game you don’t have the possibility of incorporating a pause, but I hope you don’t spoil this great fun. It is worth noting that Pacman are moving here in a classical way, ie by the arrows. I would add that if you click the button in the lower right corner of this pacman game – the game come out of it and you will have to start from the beginning, so be careful where you click.

It’s probably enough about this pacman game. I hope that CyberClean: Pacmen enjoy you and you come back to us again. I also recommend heartily our other pacman games, which are equally excellent and worthy of attention.

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  1. Ariella says:

    At first I was like “What’s the point of this game exactly?” but now I think I know what to do.Lol!

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