Electro Slime

Electro Slime is another game inspired by the classic acman game with some details from bomberman game. Here you have to pass 20 different levels. Each board is a new challenge, of course if the higher level then more difficult it is, however  I believe you pass the game and recommend this pacman game your friends to also entertained a bit on our portal.

If you get bored classic pacman games  you can play in Electro Slime. It is a combination of pacman game, bomberman game with the addition of yet other interesting options such as freezing enemies. Cool? If so, I cordially invite you to play along with us.

Pacman games are different – some more and some less standard – but all are excellent and worthy of attention, but everyone has their own tastes and not everything he has to like it. This time you can play in the modern pacman game, which is Electro Slime. As the name suggests this is also a slime game, so I invite you to play with the fans of this type of online games. If you like our pacman games is definitely going to play with us in Electro Slime. Here, the control character you need a keyboard. The arrows you move and the spacebar doing actions such as inserting a bomb or acceptance of information that appears on the screen sometimes.

Electro Slime game awaits you a lot of fun. For sure you will not be bored, because you have to go to 20 different missions. Missions in the game Electro Slime is not limited in time, but you have limited energy, which you can see on the battery on the left side of the screen. You can replenish energy by collecting batteries from the board.

To move to the next stage of the pacman game you have to collect certain amount of money. Progress in the collection sets the bar at the top left of the screen next to the battery. The board can collect various coins – some are more worthy than others, but reap all random.

As for other options of this pacman game is next to the battery on the right you will find the board number, the number of bombs nad the number of points scored. In the upper right corner of the game Slime Electro you have sounds off, information on the pause and leave the game. You turn on pause by pressing P on the keyboard, and go out of the game on the Q.

Collect points in the game Electro Slime to get high on the list of players. Have a great fun and recommend us to your friends.

Good Luck!

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