Pac-Man in this year celebrating the 34th anniversary on May 22. Briefly explain how this time developed world games of skill.

Pac-Man, who on May 22 will end his 34 birthday, looks almost unchanged to the previous version if you compare it to, say, a series of Call of Duty.

However, an arcade game created by Japanese designer Toru Iwatani was the novelty of games of skill when it was released in 1980, especially compared to the black-and-white predecessors such as Pong and Asteroids.

It was a total novelty. Pac-Man was unlike anything previously appeared on the market. The game of a very high dynamic, to the colors.

More than three decades later, Pac-Man has become a key part of The Art of Video Games.

Most of the games that time was of annihilation. Most of the games were games of a war or aggressive towards the world. Pac-Man was a game that did not have any of those things. There was no gun to shoot. As long as it was not strong enough to oust his enemies, had simply run away from them. The game became available to almost everyone, both for the elderly and children. For girls and boys. She enjoyed great success and gathered around himself a circle of lovers.

It was one of those games that launched a new generation, it was one of the first who changed the way we look at the game in a very broad sense, both society and creators of video games. Pac-Man had a huge impact on the game, which appeared after such as, for example, Pengo, playing with a small pingwinku, who was running around and pushed his enemies. That changed in emerging games. It was an amazing force in the maturation of the video game industry.

Pac-Man has prompted designers to experiment with a wider range of characters, and the stories in their games. Pac-Man is a game of aesthetic appearance. Simple animations between levels, good game mechanics, all these things were covered with the impact of the project that Pac-Man had an impact on the industry. All subsequent game, coming after Pac-Man were to continue the series launched, but Pac-Man was the first.

The impact that Pac-Man had to design games are still being felt. Not only do many alterations of the original game over the years, but the games that are manifestation of Pac-Man in a new way. Games that rely on avoiding pursuers in such a way that you knew not where we go next.

Pac-Man when it was released, introduced the general frenzy. Were also recorded songs such as “Pac-Man Fever” by Buckner & Garcia. This is a game that quickly gained great renown, who, despite elapsing years, continues today.

Pac-Man is so characteristic of the culture of computer games that exceed the generations with ease. The youngest children are already familiar with this cult game, and even sometimes see lovers who walk in T-shirts with inscriptions Pac-Man.

Pac-Man, and characters in the game are so recognizable that no matter who the street would ask, answer, at least in a few words what is this game and what is.

Pac-Man is a game timeless. Its design form and mechanics are very simple. It’s basically a movement that today’s relative skill games seem childishly simple. North, south, east, west, this is it. So it is very accessible game, highly available, and that the game does not have to rely on technology to prove your point. Based on the mechanics and style of art, not necessarily technology.

And Pac-Man is still the same as it was a few years back, even recently took a new Pac-Man CE, edition of the championship, which came out on the Xbox 360 Great game. This is again something new, but the game mechanics has not changed a bit. They added new features to it, but in the end, it comes back up and down, left and right.

There aren’t many games that are played from generation to generation that still have the same level of difficulty or challenge, but Pac-Man is one of them. It took game. I think that in 20 or 30 years people will still be able to recognize Pac-Man and still come back and play.

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