Google Pacman Hidden Game isn’t contrary to the name hidden object game, but the classic Pacman game, which some time ago was created by Google. Why we consider the past ? The reason is that this pacman game  is some type of cult. Time passed and people are still  love to play this game, though initially it was to be just another occasional Google logo.

Where it came from the name Google Pacman Hidden Game? Well, this is quite simple – the name comes from the fact that the game is on the of the subpages in Google and not as the beginning of the home page of search engine. Shortly after the 30th anniversary of the birthday  Pacman logo disappeared from the home page, people began to inquire about him, and so  the resoluting of this is the idea of ​​creating subpage with this game in Google, subpage that users called the hidden Web page.

Hidden Google Pacman Game  is a classic pacman game in which we escape from the ghosts and collect dots. We also have to pass several levels, our points are counted and subtracted life. All the old way, with the difference is that the game is a small chartshows the inscription Google.

Hidden Google Pacman Game despite teh fact that at first glance we don’t see it there is in the network and everyone can play on this pacman game. Just go to: That can also make users of iPhone and iPad or iPod touch, where Hidden Google Pacman Game also works without any problems.

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    played it 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times