Pacman is a very famous arcade game, which spawned many different implementations. On the 30th birthday of Pacman games, which we celebrate in May 2010, Google created its special logo. This time it was not just a picture to commemorate an important event, but a playable Pacman game.

The game traditionally had a board, Pacman, the ghosts, and the dots that Pacman can eat. Pacman was moved with arrows. You could move from one part of the screen, disappearing for a moment and reappearing on the other side.Traditionally, we had lives and tracked points. The board was similar to the classical one, but made into Google, that is, we could see Google’s well-blended logo as a wall board. The only slight drawback may be that each successive game board was the same as the previous one, but you can’t have it all.

The logo with the  Pacman game has been hailed as the best Google logo. It is hardly surprising, considering it was the only logo we could see for 48, not 24 hours and also the only interactive logo offering so much fun. The Google Pacman game  can still be played at

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