Pac-Man Dash is one of the most popular pacman games, which are recently available completely free also on Android.  Here fun is quite different  from what we remember from the original. Instead of eating the balls and run away from the monsters on a closed board, we run ahead and bypass obstacles. In making progress hinder us, of course, ghosts, which became one of the distinguishing marks of the series.

Production is based on the television series Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. To move we have a 70 mission. The hero jumps, beats ghosts and collect food. It is difficult to compare the current version with the original. Users can also scan a bar code with toys and Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures and unlock additional options for 7 days. There are, of course, payment model, but apparently we can go this Pac-Man Dash without spending a dime.

Pac-Man Dash is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play.

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