No one knows yet what is to be Pac-Man Smash, but Namco has put forward an initiative marking it as a trademark. The rumors indicate that Pac-Man Smash will be rough and tumble game, but Namco doesn’t comment on that.

Pacman has been your experience with fighting games – after all, recently appeared in Street Fighter X Tekke where controlled Mokujin character.

Will look like Pac-Man Smash, and whether they have been created don’t know. The trademark is – but often developers do so only to reserve the name, as is the case with Namco? We hope that soon it will.

I will not say – beating Pacman on the streets would be a welcome diversion, but also an interesting social networking could be a Pacman game, and such rumors also appear. And so we wait with impatience for a solution to this puzzle, and for your comments on this.

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