Pacman is a cult game character, which was created May, 22 1980, so a couple of days ago he had his next birthday. Since the Pacman was created – as you can see it’s been a long time ago – he has got very high popularity. 

At the beginning Pacman was presented only at the slot machines but with the development of technology Pacman developers create he on new emerging platforms. To this day, we have 17 official versions of pacman games including 3D Pacman game. In addiction we have also number of different modifications of pacman games. Over the years the classical version of the pacman game is still the most popular.

We remember very well the last year’s surprise which was created by Pacman developers, who in collaboration with Google created a special Google logo, which was a pacman game maze. All Google users be able to play pacman on the main page of Google search engine. To this day, Google Pacman is available at

The Pacman could be play on portable consoles, and mobile phones, but beyond the virtual games pacman is also possible to play in the real world – about really world pacman game you can read here.

In addition to pacman games, in the 80s was created a cartoon, in which Pacman is a father and had to defend his family and the village of evil spirits. There has also been a lot of home movies and performances of Pacman, which represent various looks at this game character.

Pacman World Rally in 3D

Pacman cartoon

Pacman Movie

Pacman 3D animation

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