The aim of the game is to take Pacman (this funny yellow ball), using the arrow keys on computer keyboard or a joystick, safely through a maze full of dots. The aim of pacman is to eat all of dots. It may seems easy, but it is not as simple as it seems – the task is made difficult because of four ghosts – (pink one – Pinky, blue – Inky, red – Blinky and orange – Clyde). They are trying to catch Pacman, and when one of them touches Pac-Man, a life is lost. When all lives have been lost, the game ends.

Here are some tips which you could use (you should try them if you want to go to the last 256 level :)

In the maze there are several points (items) thanks to what Pacman can survive. For example, the Power Pellets. These are those pulsating dots marked green (or white, in other versions). When Pacman eats them, he can also for a while eat a ghost (they turned blue for a few seconds) and earn extra points. But there is a hook – the ghosts regenerate in the center of the maze called the ghost pen. You can be killed by a regenareted ghost even though the may still be blue.

So, what should you do? First of all, avoid Blinky (the red one) and Pinky (the pink one). They are the most dangerous of the four ghosts. Blinky has the ability to search the shortest way to you and Pinky knows where you are heading. The best advise is to stay away from these two, even if it means getting closer to Inky and Clyde, and eat them first, if you have the opportunity – it would keep them out of play longer. The ghost have also an area which is due to them – the ghost’s patrol areas are indicated on the map by respective colors. When the board first starts, each ghost travels to their respective corners and patrols the area until they all decide to hunt for Pacman. After hunting him for a while, they will periodically return to patrolling for a brief period of time. But watch out – they can be unpredictable. Blinky the ghost is very fast, especially with directional changes. His domain is the top right of the gameboard maze. It can help if you retreat quickly from Blinky and not in a straight line.

Pinky runs quickly in the top left quadrant of the maze after Pacman, while Clyde is slower, and can be eluded by taking evasive action in the bottom left side of the maze. Inky is even slower than Clyde, but can shift personality in an instant in the bottom right portion of the game maze. The middle of the maze is the safest for Pacman, because of the larger number of escape routes, while the bottom row and the corners are the most dangerous.The tunnels are also tricky. Although Pacman moves quicklier than ghosts, when he’s eating dots, he moves slower.  In fact the best way to avoid chasing ghost is to turn on in a clear alley (be aware of continuing to eat dots – it is a surefire way to get caught by a ghost). The tunnel is also an excellent way to put some distance between Pacman and any ghosts that may be chasing him. The ghosts are forced to travel through the tunnel much more slowly than Pacman. However, it’s very easy to overlook another ghost slipping into the tunnel from the other end, inadvertently trapping Pacman in the middle. So make sure you give a quick glance to the other side before ducking in and escaping your pursuers.  Pacman can also turn corners much faster than the ghosts can, providing another great get-away opportunity. Other suggestion is to practice getting Pacman smoothly around the corners. You will want to start cornering before Pacman actually gets to the corner. It is subtle, but does result in quicker cornering. Other thing you should do is to save the power pellets for later – the ghosts are more likely to clump together and chase Pacman later in the stage, so catching them will be easier at the end of the stage. When you are close to some kind of bonuses – eat them, but remember not to risk your life to collect the lower value fruit if you want to make it to those really valuable bonus items.

These are the most important tips you should know Pacman. Now, what are you waiting for? Try yourself!

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