Pacman has a lot of versions, both official and non official. They differ from each other graphics, shape of Pacman and other issues. Here are some official spin-offs:


  • Ms. Pacman (1982) – The rules remains the same, but there is one huge change – instead of Pacman there is a lady, Ms. Pacman (she’s wearing a red bow). Other changes include different patterns of moving for the ghosts, appearing of the items not only in the center of the board and faster game play.

  • Pac & Pal (1983) – the rarest title of Pacman. New items, shooting capability – two main changes. Before collecting the items, Pacman has to unclock them (not just eat them, like in the previous games). There is also one extra character: Miru, a green female ghost. She is also trying to get the items, either to give them to Pacman, or take it into the ghost house. This might help in clearing the level, however, and if she brings the last one there, it automatically clears the level. In order to get the maximum points from the items, Pacman had to eat them first, or intercept them from Miru.

  • Pacman & Chomp Chomp (1983) In this sequel, Pacman’s assistant instead of Miru is Chomp Chomp, his dog.

  • Pac-Land (1984) This game is a departure from the classic idea of a maze game. Pac-Land is the first arcade video game released by the Namco company. The goal is to get the fairy to the Fairyland in Pacman’s hat, avoiding ghosts and other hitches, and after that return to Pacman’s house. The layout of Pac-Land is similar to Super Mario Brothers.

  • Pac-Mania (1987)– a return to the maze game genre, but in 3D graphics. New features: Pacman is able to jump (just like the two new ghosts – orange and grey one) and an extra purple ghost – Sue, which task is to follow him. There names of the new ghosts are: Funky and Spunky (or Common and Grey Common in japanese version).


  • Pac-Attack (1993) – It is a puzzle game. The plot is similar to Tetris – your task is to combine falling blocks in lines in order to make them vanish and eat ghosts. The blocks consisting of Ghosts, Blocks, Pacman, and one Fairy to the ground.

  • Pacman 2: The New Adventures (1994) – Instead of eating dots, Pacman’s goal is to help his family and, finally, fight with a monster. Of course, like in other spin-offs, there are inseparable ghosts, which could frighten our hero or leave an useful items accidentally. The player can only follow Pacman and guide him only indirectly, by putting his attention to specific items or characters.

  • Pac-In-Time (1995) – Pacman was thrown away in time by Ghost Witch and now his trapped in his past. Your task is to help him pass all of the 10 levels and make his return possible. Another part with adventurous elements (Pacman has to climb, swim and fight with the ghosts or animals characteristic for the level), but, like in the old versions, you have to collect Pac-pellets (instead of dots) to finish the board. An interesting feature is ability to access completed levels via passwords that are given every five levels.

  • Pacman World (1999) – First of the three-piece trylogy. It’s a 3D based game for Playstation. In this part, Pacman has to free his family and friends from the hands of Orson, his enemy. The kidnapper was Toc-Man, an evil robot, Pacman’s alter ego made by Orson. To defeat his enemy and free his friends, Pacman has to gain dots, fruits and fight with the ghosts in every one of the different worlds.

  • Pacman: Adventures in Time (2000) – Instead of typical maze, there is a 3D one. Your goal remains the same – you have to eat dots (in this version: yellow balls) and bonuses, and avoid the ghosts. A nowelty is the possibility to play with friends (multiplayer option).

  • Pacman Fever (2002) – A party video game. You can choose which Pacman character you want to be. The object is to finish the board before others. You can race in three different levels, such as Medieval, Space and Tropical.

  • Pacman World Rally (2006) –it’s a kart racer with Pacman and many others from Namco’s catalog of classic characters. The game consist of 15 race. Of course, your task is to ride as quickly as you can and gain yellow balls. When you raise a lot of them, your kart transformes into a special Super Pac-Mobile machine and your opponents wil turn on to blue (like in the classical Pacman). After ran over them, their will be temporarily expelled from the competition.

  • Pacman Championship Edition (2007) – is the latest Pacman game, very similar to the first version of Pacman. You have to guide Pacman through the maze, and your object is to gain points by: eating dots, power pellets and bonus fruit, and, of course, pay attention to the ghosts by avoiding them. The novelty is that every maze is divided into two halves and the ghost behavior is a little bit modificated (Pinky is more dangerous nowadays than in the good old times).

There is also a lot of non-official Pacman-clones, such as Hangly-man, Caterpillar Pacman or Piranha (it’s not hard to imagine how the main character looks like Those are arcade clones, made in 80’ mainly. The majority of recent clones are humorous variations of the original idea. Among them there are such gems like Funny Strip, where Mr and Ms. are naked, or Twinkle, where Pacman is orange and wears sunglasses. Due to popularity of Pacman, well-known companies became interested in making money on similar products to the original conception. Only need to remain i.a. a game exposed by Comedy Central on the official site of South Park, which idea is to move Eric Cartman through the maze and eat “Cheasy Poofs” instead of dots, or a similar application with Fred Flinston collecting rocks (distributed by Cartoon Network).

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