In classical Pacman and other games continuating the tradition, there are only four ghosts. Their names are following: the red one is called Shadow, pink – Speedy, light blue – Bashful and the latter one, yellow (or orange) – Pokey. The nickname of the orange ghosts was changed in Mrs Pacman to Sue, in order to emphasize the female factor. Apart from their names, they differ from each other also by personality and nicknames: Shadow is often called Blinky, Speedy – Pinky, Bashful – Inky and Pokey – Clyde. Blinky is always chasing you and it is hard to lose him, Pinky moves very fast. Inky is just the opposite of those two – he is timid and will run away from you, so if you get killed by him you are a very unlucky person. Clyde also tries to catch you but he is very slow. Comparing those two pairs of ghost, the red one and pink one are natural born killes :) In fact, all of the ghosts move a little bit quicklier than Pacman – only while passing by tunnels and turning corners they are slower than our hero. Moreover, when Pacman eats certain number of dots, Blinky moves faster. Also, it is not a good idea to collect dots while a ghost is chasing you – in such case you became an easy victim, because Pacman’s speed decreases at that time. If you eat an energizer (there are four of them at each maze, one in every corner), the ghosts will turn blue, and you may eat them for bonus points until they turn back to their normal color (after eating one them, their eyes will return to the ghost’s pen in the middle of the maze, where they will regenarate into their former shapes). If you want to be invisible for the ghosts, you have to stay in one spot under the T-bar at the bottom of the maze, were they cannot kill you. But be aware – this tip works only in original Pacman arcade cabinet.

Pac-man ghosts house trick:

So if you are playing a new version, you’d better move as fast as you can instead of sticking out in one place. There is a lot of technics of avoiding the ghosts, but one thing you should remember – Blinky always tries to find the quickliest way to get behind you, and Pinky – to stop you at the direction were you are heading towards. For more information see Wiki Strategy. Good luck!

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