Pacman in space it isn’t an another pacman game but the nebula, which is discovered by NASA a few years ago in the space. Pacman Nebula is a common name, which for the average person is much easier to remember than the official name of NGC 281st.

Why Pacman Nebula?

Therefore, the nebula’s shape resembles pacman character. In contrast, however, is huge, composed of gas and dust and it’s place in space 9.200 light-years from our galaxy, and not as classic pacman in a virtual gaming world.

In February 2011 NASA scientists have made further studies of Pacman Nebula and found that it becomes more dangerous, because it shows the “teeth”, which consist of the pillars, where new stars are formed, creating a so-called clusters of baby stars. Maybe Pacman was so hungry so he show his teeth?

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