Who would have thought it possible to create a classic arcade game played in the real world, yet with everything looking like it was virtual. Probably not many people would have believed it, but in the era of modern technology scientists managed to accomplish that. Already in 2005, there was a Reality Pacman game which, using a variety of technologies, literally put a man in the position of Pacman.

Reality Pacman is a game developed by the researchers from the Mixed Reality Lab, National University of Singapore. The game combines technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, infrared, detection mechanisms and virtual reality. In the Reality Pacman game we traditionally have the main character, which is the Pacman, and the four ghosts, except that here they are real people. Through the use of modern technology, they can move in the real world as if it was a virtual world.

People can enter the virtual world with the help of uniquely prepared tools such as special computer players with glasses and headphones. A central computer system keeps track of all the players’ movements using GPS and wireless local network.

The Reality Pacman game is played like the classic Pacman. So ghosts chase Pacman, Pacman eats the dots and runs away. Here dots are scattered on the streets using a specifically designed array, and the player eats them by passing through. As for being eaten by the ghosts, Pacman is just patted on the shoulder.. Looking at it in the real world this may not seem so exciting, but the players can see the world in three-dimensional virtual reality through special glasses. You can view the world through the player’s eyes in the picture above.

The entire game can also be seen via the Internet. Players online can track the progress of the players in the Pacman Reality game, and what’s more, can indirectly participate in the game for example by texting Pacman or ghosts. The actual player can pick up the instructions given to him and follow them.

Reality Pacman game is an interesting solution, however  the work is being continued to improve it, because it is not error-free. The biggest problems arise in the transfer of the real world into virtual reality because you can not accurately calculate the position of players relative to other objects since the real world is constantly changing. For example, the street cars are constantly moving, which prevents an accurate reflection so the player may unexpectedly encounter an obstacle not seen through the glasses. Problems can also occur with GPS, because there may be distortions and communication may be lost. However, despite such errors  this type of game is popular, although it is not available to the general public, still being a “very expensive toy.”

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