Pacman is a character everyone knows very well. Today we have many Pacman fans and people who constantly create new pacman games. The latest idea was create the “World’s Biggest PAC-MAN” game. It’s a game created by Australian Soap Creative Studio together with Microsoft and Namco Bandai.

“World’s Biggest PAC-MAN” it isn’t only the game, but is a kind of platform, because here, everyone can create their own board, which is added to the base with already created boards. This isn’t a typical pacman game, where we have levels. Here we have many different mazes after which we can move pass through the gaps in the outer wall, which pacman classic games use to cross from one side of the board to the other side.

Play on the “World’s Biggest PAC-MAN” you can on the website. Everything that you have to do is select the board where you want to start the game. To play on this pacman game you don’t need register anywhere, but if you want to create your own maze – you need to log in on the “World’s Biggest PAC-MAN” platform by Facebook. Your play statistics are shown on the right at the top of the screen, and below them in the boxes you can see the “World’s Biggest PAC-MAN” data – for example, we have 16318 created boards (for today).

“World’s Biggest PAC-MAN” became a hit of that spring 2011. The whole game was created in HTML5, which also shows us how much possibility has got this language. I highly recommend the “World’s Biggest PAC-MAN” but if you tired of too much space, you can should play on the World’s Smallest Pacman. At the end – few screenshots from the “World’s Biggest PAC-MAN” game.

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