Garden Invasion

The mysterious bomb explodes garden and living there ladybugs turn into a giant ladybug mutants. As you can guess, since then the main character of this game, and that is the little boy, he would have run away from those who want to devour him great creatures. So begins our game and easy here discern some similarities to known long Pacman game, where he flees before pożerającymi big heads. But here the similarity ends, because even at first glance you can see that in game Garden Invasion graphics are very complex and very interesting. In the classic Pacman game as we know, the graphics were very simple nothing like the present. It is to show and compare both of these games, especially those differences will be interesting for children and young people who have never had contact with games such as Pacman.

The main task of the boy, which is guided out of the garden. It must also draw forth other children that are there. This, of course hinder mentioned, great, mutant ladybugs who want the boy to eat. If the ladybugs will affect other children, they do not eat, just draw them back to the garden.

Our boy must therefore come back again and take the children. This makes it difficult game and makes the longer we leave the garden. The boy must also collect hearts to extend his life in the garden, as well as the magic key and diamonds. Key he will need in the coming gardens, where the road will hamper the mysterious crates. With key boxes will disappear and the boy will be able to go. While diamonds are useful in the eradication of ladybugs. Blue gems make it disappear ladybugs, green jewels add speed boy and yellow ladybugs turn into stones. Thus, the more gems you collect, the easier it will be to get out of the garden. Once we have put all the kids from the garden we pass to the next stage, which is the second garden. There is a lot harder, changes a little artwork, inconvenience, there is water to which we can not fall, because you drown. It is also more children to save, so it is really interesting and very difficult.

Graphics of the game is very interesting, fairy-tale and contains plenty of details and interesting elements. With this extensive graphics the game is interesting, but also difficult. The sheer volume of items hard to find the children and gems that help us going.

The game is very difficult, therefore, designed for players already advanced for older children and teenagers.

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