Hungry Bug’s Pacman

Hungry Bug’s Pacman is unusual pacman game, because instead of classic pacman here in main role we have ladybug, which is very hungry and wants to eat a little grass. Unfortunately along the way ladybug meet evil worms. They want to destroy ladybug, so they chase her and don’t allow eat grass. So in the game Hungry Bug’s Pacman we must collect the grass, and also flee from the worms – which reminds us of classic pacman games scenario.

Hungry Bug’s Pacman is a game for big and small people, and I’m sure that even though this isn’t a classic pacman game you will like it. In the Hungry Bug’s Pacman game traditionally the main character are moving with the arrow keys. Here you have to collect grass, which is spread on the path and at the same time avoid the worms, because if they catch you – you lose a life.

The amount of lifes you can see in the lower left corner, on the right corner you can track the number of points scored. Nowhere has the specified level, in which you play, but the Hungry Bug’s Pacman game is a multi-stage game, and in each new board you have got more grass to collected. To go to the next board you have to collect all the grass that is on the board.

As you will recall the classic Pacman game you have large and small dots – the big ones allow you to eating ghosts. In this pacman game the role of large dots play apples. If you eat apple you will be able to eat worm a certain period of time. But do it carefully, because at any moment they can return to normal form and then you lose life.

Hungry Bug’s Pacman is a very cool pacman game which brings something new – the classic rules, but another characters, so the game becomes more attractive. Classic Pacman games are fun, but sometimes is good to try something a bit different and the Hungry Bug’s Pacman game is perfect for do that.

I recommend the Hungry Bug’s Pacman game all fans of this website. I’m sure you haven’t got any problems and you return to us so many times. If you fancy the Hungry Bug’s Pacman game, please recommend it to your friends. And if you like ladybugs necessarily play also the Ladybug Pacman game.

I wish you a successful play!

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    Cool bug Pacman!Love it!! :)

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