Kill the Pacman

Kill the Pacman – this is our new proposals of pacman games. This is a fairly specific pacman game, because here you don’t move Pacman and the ghosts don’t run away Pacman. In this pacman game you are a ball, by which you must remove from the board a certain amount of Pacmans. These characters move from the left side of the screen to the right side, and your task is jump on them with the ball, that they disappeared from the board. If you remove a certain amount of Pacmans you go to the next round of Kill the Pacman .

In the game Kill the Pacman you have everal interesting levels and in any of them, you have limited time and a certain amount of pacmans to remove. If you are at that time fails to accomplish this, unfortunately the game is coming to the end. You have only one life, one chance for victory – and try to not miss this chance. I believe that you are able to do it without a problem.

In this pacman game, as I said – you don’t controll the Pacman but the ball. To control it you will need to arrows left and right – to move and the spacebar to jump. The ball can’t soar too high, but you don’t always have to start from the ground, because you can jump from one Pacman to another. This is much easier and faster way to remove them from the board and move to the next stage of this pacman game.

What else should you know about pacman game Kill the Pacman ? Maybe you sholud know, that when you play, on the left side near the center you can see from the top: the amount of time, which you have to pass the game, the number of pacmans which you must remove and a button which allows you to exit the Kill the Pacman game.

Each next level of this pacman game is harder, but overall Kill the Pacman isn’t a difficult game. You need a bit practice and finally you can play with closed eyes and win all the boards. Kill the Pacman is a very addictive pacman game, although based on quite different principles. You can see that not only the classics are good but also unusual implementations are very interesting.

You are cordially invited to play with us on Kill the Pacman game, and play on our other pacman games. I am sure that on our website, any fan of pacman games find something ideal for himself.

I wish you a killer fun!

5 Responses to “Kill the Pacman”
  1. Leah says:


  2. Leah says:

    I cant get past level 3 though urghhh

  3. Shilpa Agarkar says:

    after 6th …………… its hard too get

  4. tati says:

    this thing is mad easy like foreal

  5. lamia says:

    ok very hard some level but it is fun

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