Labyrinth Prison

Labyrinth Prison – is a game modeled on the classic pacman games, where you haven’t got pacman but you have to move a little man. Also here we haven’t got ghosts, but we have different creatures from which we flee. Instead of dots in the game Labyrinth Prison we must collect coins. Pacman game Labyrinth Prison is a multi-stage, and thus awaits you lots of great fun. 

Pacman game Labyrinth Prison is based on the classical principles that prevail in the pacman games, so we have run away from enemies and collect the dots (in this pacman game coin) on the board to move to the next stage of the game. In addition to coins in the pacman game Labyrinth Prison on the board from time to time will appear, other things that can be used against enemies. 

All the necessities you have shown in the bottom of the screen. Starting from the left you have: bar life, which is lost when you hit by enemies, items collected on the board (to be used in turn correspond to the numbers from 1 to 5), then you have the amount of coins collected in the actually stage and the total number of coins collected in all boards. 

In the pacman game, Prison Labyrinth pacman you still have options available such as turn off the music if you press on the keyboard the letter M and the inclusion of a pause after pressing the letter P. In this pacman game you control a hero with the arrow keys, what as usually happens in games pacman. 

That’s basically everything abut pacman game Labyrinth Prison. I hope that even though there is no classical pacman game you have great fun and spend nice time with us. Pacman game Labyrinth Prison can provide really great fun and I highly recommend it to all fans of this website. 

However, if you prefer a more classic pacman games browse a little on our website. We have prepared for you a whole lot of pacman games so I’m sure each of you will find something for self. 

I wish you great fun!

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    Awesome game!!

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