Ladybug Pacman game

In Ladybug Pacman, which is a free online pacman game, the player impersonates ladybug. Your task is to collect (eat, being more precisely) crosslets all around the maze (to pass to another level you have to eat all of them). The maze is made from permanent and mobile elements. Using the mobile walls (some kind of revolving doors) reasonably, you can effectively hide from your enemies – bugs. The bugs, which displace the ghosts from the original pacman game, are different in each maze (and their speed is higher in the following levels too). They leave the ‘ghost’ pen (now it should be called ‘bug’ pen) one after another. When the green line on the edge of the maze describes a circle, another bug comes out of the bug pen. At the end of the board there will be five of them, and in the bug pen (when all of them will leave it) appear a bonus fruit. After eating it, the bugs stop for a moment and you can unhurriedly collect crosslets. As you may see, ladybug can come in into the bug’s place, as opposed to other pacman like games.

An extra difficulty is the existence of two or more (in the next boards) skulls in the maze. They can either help you – when a bug will try to eat them, or hurt you – in that case you lost a life. It is better to be careful and leave skulls for bugs – they move really chaotic and do not keep their’s head above water. Also, you have to wait with going through revolving doors, if behind them there is a bug.

In this circumstances, if you move forward and try to replace the bug, you will lost a life. All over the maze there are items designed for you – some special bonuses. It is better to collect them, becauce after gathering 10,000 points you will get an extra life. Although the graphics is, to put it mildly, less attractive than in other similar pacman games (it is made in retro, arcade style), the gameplay can be quite amusing. For olders it could be a sentimental trip, and the youngsters should play just for fun (or, to see how their parents spent their free time when they were young).

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  1. haley says:

    kool game but kinda hard.. XD

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