Maze Man Jasper

Maze Man Jasper is yet another story inspired by the classic hit, Pacman. If you liked that old game, you will certainly enjoy Maze Man!

The good news about this game is, you won’t need to install any complicated software if you want to enjoy it. It’s a great game to enjoy on both traditional PCs, as well as mobile devices, whenever you are on the go. That’s because all you need to do is simply have an Internet connection, as well as a browser. No need to download anything! Oh, and don’t forget about the keyboard, particularly arrows. They will let you move around the maze. This simplicity is certainly an asset, particularly if you ever play Maze Man while using a computer that belongs to someone else (at work, for instance.).

Just like it was the case in the good old Pacman, here, your task is to lead the main character through a maze. In order to get to the next level, you have to eat all the dots that appear underway. Be careful about the enemies, though! They roam all around the maze, trying to catch Maze Man Jasper. If you come into close contact with any of them, the current level is over. This, unfortunately, means that you will lose all the progress you made up to that point.

However, if you want to be immune from them for a while, look out for the bonus objects that appear underway. Every time you go through it, you will hear a special sound indicating it. Just walk through one of these and for a few seconds you will be able to go through every enemy character, absolutely safe from harm.

The in-game screen is truly easy to operate on. In the left-hand part, you will see your current points score, the level you are in at the moment, as well as the number of lives you have managed to save. Yes, that’s right – don’t forget that you have a limited number of lives only. Make sure to be careful! However, if you manage to score over 10000 points, you will get an extra life, so it’s definitely worth it. Now, let’s take on the other side. There, you will see the amount of energy that you got left. It’s an important indication of how quickly you’d be able to run away from the opponents, as well as complete the current level.

Ready to help Maze Man Jasper run away from the bad enemies? Enjoy! And don’t forget about submitting your score later. It makes the whole game even more interesting, as there are also other opponents to beat.

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