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Ms. Pacman is a continuation of Pacman series. Originally it was created by Midway as an another, non-official spin-off, but after a while Namco accepted the idea and the game became an authorized sequel. As it’s not hard to foretell, Ms. Pacman is Pacman’s girlfriend. The game is very similar to the original idea (the player task is to eat dots, beware of ghosts and collect fruit bonuses) with a few little changes – the name of the orange ghost is changed from Clyde to Sue; instead of one pair of pipes at the level, there are two, and the walls are field in with colours. Bonus fruits appear not in the center of maze but all around it, and the ghost’s behaviour is quite different – they are more changeable and their movement is random and harder to predict than in the first part. Also the speed of the game is faster than in the previous one. Another noticeable insert are three intermissions, which show us how Ms. Pacman and her boyfriend met, the development of their relationship, and, finally, a moment when a stork drop off their baby. Though only the better players who will pass through a few levels ahead could see it, unfortunately.

The game ends in the same level as the previous one – at the 256 board, which is also unplayable (because of the deformed screen). Ms. Pacman’s popularity grown very fast, and even now the game and the character has lots of fans all over the world, what may show us the fact of selecting it in 2000 as the spokes-game character for the “National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations”.

Ms. Pacman nowadays wears apart from red bow also a pink ribbon, to encourage women to fight and prevent from cancer. She also appeared in a cartoon series about Pacman as his wife, Pepper, and in one episode of Friends, where the plot was strictly related with the game (Chandler instead of his name wrote dirty words on the high-score table, and when Phoebe saw it, she tried to beat his scores and inscribe her name before Ross’s son would came).
Due to popularity of the game, it was ported to many platforms, such as Atari, Xbox or even iPhone modernly, where Ms. Pacman is also available since 11 of July, 2008.
Here are some tips which you should obey if you want to pass maybe not all, but quite a lot boards successfully. In the pink maze the most dangerous section is the upper part, beyond the ghost’s place. The best move is to clear it when all ghosts are blue, or there is only one in this part and the rest is at the bottom of the maze. In the light blue maze, the pipes are spaced differently than in the previous one – they are at the very bottom and at the very top of the maze. The dangerous and risky are pathways above and below the T section at the top of the maze. Player can easily get trapped in them, so the best way is to eat the dots from those parts where the ghost are chasing you, or shortly after eating a power pellet, when ghost’s are temporarily powerless. You should do similarly with dots at the lower parts of maze. In the upper levels, which appear on the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth rounds, the player’s task is to pass through a orange maze. This kind of maze could be quite difficult, because here’s only one pair of pipes. The parts of the board where you should beware of ghosts especially are the center of the bottom and the top section. It is recommended to eat the dots from there as quickly as you can. In the next and the last type of maze – the dark blue one, the most risky place is that were you begin the game and the one upon the ghost pen. The tips are similar like in the others – be careful and try to avoid ghosts simultaneously quickly collecting dots.
Now, when you are aware of the troubles behind Ms. Pacman, you can simply play in it’s clone below – a free Ms. Pacman game online. As you can see, the layout of this game is very similar to the original, but the main character hasn’t got the red bow nor the pink ribbon, but the amusement stays the same! Give yourself a chance to reach the 256 level for free!

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    I love this game and I think it is easier than the usual pacman… But, there is one question – can you actually save the scores???

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