If you like video games, then you must have heard about Pacman. It is a video game and a character made by Japanese concern – Namco. Even though the game is over 30 years old it is still very popular, and many people are playing both official versions of it, and fan-made spin-offs.

The game that we are presenting to you today is called Munchy. Few seconds after clicking start button you will see many similarities to the well-known title. This game is basically another pacman game, with similar objectives, but totally different characters and levels. Original pacman game was all about running in the labyrinths, while collecting dots from the board.

The mechanic is the same in Munchy, but instead of a yellow ball we are controlling cute, white rabbit, and we have to eat healthy carrots. Clearing carrots of the whole board will take us to another level. Of course, it would be too easy if we were alone in that game. In the classical Pacman we had nasty, vicious ghosts that were trying to catch us, but here we have to avoid something difficult, namely hamburgers, donuts and other unhealthy products. Just like in all the other pacman games we can also gather bonus items, which will give us more points, so try to collect oranges to increase your score.

If you never played any pacman games before, then you could use a little instructions about controls and options in such titles. In Munchy, you are controlling the main character with the arrow keys, and that’s everything that you need to know. Yes, you don’t have to worry about all the other keys. But beware, even if it may sound simple, the game will get quite challenging after few first levels, as there will be more enemies, and they will be faster, and therefore more deadly to you. A good thing, however, is the amount of lives. You have four of them (3 in original Pacman), so you can play the game for a bit longer, then in traditional games of that type. Anyway, try not to be reckless, because you cannot regain lost lives. Graphics in Munchy are pretty simple, but that makes it easier to play it. It is really easy to see your character, all the enemies and other obstacles on the screen, so you shouldn’t have much problems with avoiding them.

I hope that you will have fun with this game. It is worth trying especially for fans of pacman games, but even if you never played any games like it, you can have a good fun, and spend wonderful time while helping the cute, little rabbit to gather as many carrots as you can!

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