Do you like unusual pacman games? It is welcome to play with us in the game Nam-Cap. It is really addictive, though at first you may be somewhat difficult. However, once you are familiar with zadami the Pacman game and a bit to see how it let’s play it simple and fun, so keep your thumb and invite you to a wonderful play.

Nam-Cap is our new pacman game, which is somewhat different from the classical, because they do not eat the dots here and spread them around the board. As it spread? You have to collide with the creatures of the crown, then activate the unfolding dots – you have to run fast, because when I come back to the board stworek your pacman and turns instead to break the dots will eat them. When Pacman is not purple you can not collide with stworkami with a crown, because then you will lose life.

Life in the game Nam-Cap can be found in the top right corner of the screen. If you run out of life to your PacMan game comes to an end. During the pacman game should also watch out for the bat – usually located in the upper left corner of the screen, but from time to time enters into the game and if you happen to bump him also lose a life.

As for the other options the Pacman game is at the bottom of the screen you will find number of points scored in a game Nam-Cap and record how did you generally get in all the fun. Earning points is easy, so I try to take a high place on the list of players.

I would forget about controlling :) As it usually happens in games pacman control is carried out by the arrows, so the problems do not think anybody should have. So, if all you know is grab the keyboard and start playing. Nam-Cap is a really simple and fantastic game, so you will not regret the time spent on it.

I invite you to have fun!

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