Pac Auway

Pacman is one of the best known game characters that ever existed. However, pacman games can get boring quite fast, especially if all of them are similar.

If you want to see a truly different pacman game that is full of humor, then you should take a look at Savior of the World. It is a completely different approach at pacman games, as we will not be controlling a yellow ball, but one of famous characters – Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger! The main protagonist will appear in the city by jumping with the parachute.

Your task is to save the country from mysterious virus, which is represented by vicious ghosts, similar to those from original pacman. The game features really funny and nice-looking graphics, which are styled to look like 3D. All characters are made as bricks, with faces of the well-known people. The game mechanics didn’t change that much from the original pacman, as you still have to gather colorful dots, and run away from the ghosts chasing you. Also, you can still gather those power pellets from the ground, which will make the ghosts weak for some time, and you can eat them to get rid of them for some time. Of course, they will be back in the ghost pen, located in the center of each level after few seconds, so be prepared to run away from then as soon as they appear on the board again. There are a lot of different missions in this game, and they take place in most known cities of the United States. You will be able to see some famous buildings located on each level.

It will take you some time to get used to the controls, mostly because of setting the game in 3D environment. You are controlling the main character with the arrow keys – pressing each key will move the character in a desired direction. This seems to be exactly the same as in all the other pacman games, but your character will constantly move in the direction you pointed, even if you aren’t pressing the button anymore, and it may take some time to practice it, but I am sure that you will get used to it quickly.

At the top of the screen you can see the number of current level and the city in which you are playing at the moment. At the bottom you can see other important information. Starting from left there is: a button to turn off sounds, menu button, current amount of points, and number of your lives.

If you got bored playing classical pacman games, then it might be a good idea to take a look at Savior of the World, because it is really funny and interesting game.

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  1. Sally says:

    I love this game alot!!It’s really fun!

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