Pac Auway

Pac Auway is another interesting pacman game, where you have to move as many as 20 different levels. In the Pac Auway game as in the classic pacman games you have to collect dots if you want to move to the next stage of the game. Invariant is also that the spirits (before whom you must flee) will disturb you in collection of dots. The classic pattern, so the fun must be very good as usual. I hope that you’ll really have got great fun with the Pac Auway game.

Pac Auway although based on classic principles is somewhat different from the traditional pacman game. Why? Just look at the board – has a different shape. Her we haven’t got room, where apear the spirits – in Pac Auwey they appear randomly on the board and not all at once but turn occasionally. Here we collect the dots, but instead of bigdots we have a large blue diamond, which allow us to eating ghosts.

In addition to dots and diamonds on the board there are also fruits, lightning, snowflakes, and coins. Everything you reap is printed at the bottom. In the lower right corner we have: snowflakes which gathered to stop the ghosts, lightning, which makes the pacman runs faster and the crystals that allow for eating ghosts. In addition, you can find here the sound off and music off in the game Pac Auway. In the lower left corner we have: menu – leave the game, LEVEL, the number of live what you left and the number of collected coins.

In the pacman game Pac Auway our main character is traditionally controlled by the arrows, so you shouldn’t have any problems with the mastery of the pacman game Pac Auway. I encourage you to collect the bonuses, for behind it are the extra points, and the more they will gain the higher position you can to get ranked.

I hope you’ll like the Pac Auway game and someday you come back to us to play it one more time.With this pacman game surely you will not be bored, because every next board surprises with something new. Pac Auwey is an ideal game for large and small fans, thanks to her you can distraction from the gray reality and will experience an incredible adventure. I also recommend our other pacman games, and I wish you great fun.

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