Pac Jungle

Pac’s Jungle is another arcade game made in flash and available for free online. We can see Pacman while he is driving his car, near him seats adorable blonde. But something’s stopped this idyll – the tire of the car suddenly burnst. Obviously, Pacman does not have any spare wheel, so he has to look for replacement at the nearby forest.

His task is to eat those little white balls, avoid ghosts (at each part of the maze there are two, maybe three of them) and find items which could be useful for him or – for people or other creatures, who might offer for them something valuable for us (f.e. a blue Smurf can eagerly exchange a few forks for mushrooms). They are mostly hidden in the recesses of the maze, in places where the ghosts does not come in.

In the maze appears even George W. Bush, who is seeking for weapon of mass destruction  If we find it for him, he will give us the holy Bible (which would be a tasty morsel for other person). Our goal is to find spare tyre, which propably take place at the end of the game. Pacman’s got only four lifes, so it could be a difficult task – however the ghosts are not chasing the player, the move quite fastly, and after passing through other part of the maze we could easily drop on them accidentaly. In some parts of the labyrinth, there are places when we can hide among the bushes. As always, he have to collect every single dot to finish the board. As it goes for graphics, it is not very sophisticated, although it is very colourful indeed. The ghosts are very similar to those from the original Pacman game, but their behaviour patterns differ very much from the mentioned official version. They are less dangerous for sure – it is a great message for those who had problems with passing boards in primary Pacman. Now the game play is more simple and easier than formerly. Generally, the time spent during playing Pac’s Jungle will not be wasted – it is a really amusing flash game for everyone.

4 Responses to “Pac Jungle”
  1. Quab says:

    were would he find a wheel in the jungle?

  2. haley says:

    kool game but i cant win its too hard.. 3:

  3. jeffrey says:

    same here buddy!

  4. alishba says:

    dis iz a kool game bah vry difficult…..

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