PacBubbleMan this arcade game based on the pacman game. In this game instead of the classic Pacman character we have soap bubble, which is running from ghosts.Spirits remained unchanged. Both version of the classic pacman game as well as they chase the game PacBubbleMan – spirits are not wanting to lead to Pacman’s success. The game PacBubbleMan may be noted that the actions of the spirits are less persistent than in the classic version.

In the PacBubbleMan game, instead of dots we have bubble. Some of the bubbles have the word BOMB. Meeting of the ball makes it in all content pages are sent bubbles that collect balls from the board, as well as attacking ghosts. Here the spirit is not, however, is in no way harmful to Pacman, only changes the color. With the entire board full of bubbles, there hard to see ghosts, which makes the game a bit, but it also adds excitement and thrill.

The game traditionally move with the arrow keys. The game is multi-stage, waiting for you, so a lot of fun. Each of the stages of the game is harder than the previous one – the board changes, the number of bubbles to collect and the quantity of spirits. There is only one life, so be careful not to get caught spirits.

There’s too many technical things to discuss – there is no clock that relentlessly keeps track of time, pause switch, etc. It is noteworthy that in the upper right corner you have a given number of punks, which managed to get to you.

I hope that the game PacBubbleMan you will like it. Maybe this is not a classic version of the pacman game, but also great at her game. This multi-stage implementation PacBubbleMan pacman game, but there are so many levels as the original, but still played great. I urge you to try PacBubbleMan game, I’m sure you will not regret. But if it’s not what you seek, play our other games pacman. Certainly, you will fall either to the taste. I wish you a successful play.

27 Responses to “PacBubbleMan”
  1. Sammy says:

    Love this pacman!! <3

  2. tamana says:

    this game is awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….thnxxxxxxxxxxxxx………………

  3. tamana says:

    how u guys create this kind of addictive games.thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…………………

  4. haley says:

    first score 450 ughh gotta get ioigher lol Xd… playing again n again n again n again!!!!! lol ;3
    ♥ pacman .. 😀

  5. haley says:

    723 gud enough lol XD…

  6. Erin says:

    i <3 this website

  7. ikhmot says:

    i am good .684

  8. ikhmot says:

    im so good then u lossers 788

  9. ikhmot says:

    i won u loose im i got 990

  10. ikhmot says:

    i won u loose 990

  11. esther says:


  12. DianeJeremy says:

    man..this game is pretty cute and aweesooommeee to play…
    love it..hahaha

  13. Tiffany:) says:

    highest 750 good enough

  14. glowiie3 says:

    903 first try

  15. ikhmot says:

    this is the best game ever i like it if u vote for pacbubbuleman vote ps bye-bye dom-dom pliaes vote.

  16. shadrock007 says:

    ive got gold medal haha. ayus!!

  17. esther says:

    I have the most nombers
    the nombers is 1068

  18. kel says:

    i <3 this game so much it is not even funny its addicting

  19. V.Žiogas says:

    I like this game…The best result more then 6000…

  20. abby bati says:

    play pacman its so funny…

  21. lindsy says:


  22. shadrock007 says:

    who’s gonna beat my score????? c’mon beat me haha…

  23. BAYLEY says:


  24. Alice says:

    I have been playing Bubble Pacman for two years now, and I enjoy it immensely. However I find the six second time for the bubbles to stay green is not enough. It is very annoying when you aren’t given more time to knock out the bubbles before your game comes to a disappointing end. I have never been able to get past 2,000. Also when you get to the 1400 mark, it starts over instead of a new board coming up, so I have ben through it three times to a 2,084 score. 2013

  25. Alice says:

    Has anyone noticed that there are 62 Pacman games listed? I have tried them all and Bubble Pacman is my favourite. The others gave me no pleasure whatsoever. Bubble Pacman is much more exciting. I am sticking with that. I play it every day when I get frustrated with what ever work I am involved in. It gives me a few minutes away from the pressures of my work and then I am ready to go again. It is a daily habit that I thrive on!

  26. Alice says:

    One thing I do at the end of clearing each board is hit a green before leaving it. When you get to the next board, the men are green and you have a better change at clearing a lot before they turn red. There are lots of green bubbles on the first games, then they get less and less as you move forward. I still feel that the six second turn should be extended to 15 seconds, otherwise players, who have no patience won’t stay around long. If we have that extra time, it would make the game more interesting, and we just might be able to see how the game ends. I also wish the designer had not duplicated the game every few boards and had given us more interesting boards. Repeating and repeating is not much of a challenge. I see I am also the first person in two years to leave a message, so that probably tells you Pacman game caretakers something.

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