PaCcOmAn is another remake of the well-known and popular worldwide Pacman game. Maybe this version does not impress graphics, but believe me – you can at it pretty cool to play. In this game, we have the classic Pacman, but instead the spirits are faces. But the principle remains the same – you can not let them catch you.

PaCcOmAn although seemingly looks different is traditionally resorted before wrogrami (here are the faces), and from above the dots. Instead of fruit bonuses we have here a variety of other surprises that give an extra 50 points. The counter point is located in the upper right corner.

Once we got to the technical information in the upper right corner you can also find the number of live what you have left. In the middle at the top while you have time – if it runs out of it, unfortunately, your game will end. To move a few boards so pity that missed.

As regards the control of the PaCcOmAn game that it is set as usual, namely with arrows. Pretty easily here it takes so much less watch out for enemies! There are, of course, on the board nooks and crannies where you will hunt down not sinister faces. Where are they? You have to discover for yourself: P

PaCcOmAn a pretty fun game Pacman, at which regardless of age, you can have a great time. If you like this game Pacman and test highly recommend this remake. I invite you to have fun and to regularly look at our site looking for new pacman games!

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