Paccy Sam

Remember the good old Pacman? Well, he (if we may say it’s a guy,) is back again! You can easily enjoy that stunning game by playing Paccy Sam – a story inspired by that game from the past. Ready to go?

The gameplay, just like it was the case with the original one, is really simple. What you need to do is to lead Paccy through the maze, eating all the dots. When you finish eating them, you are automatically transferred to the next level. If you want to score more points, be sure to look out for some special objects that appear from time to time. For instance, if you see golden circles, just rush and get them, as you will get a bonus for eating them. More than that, they will give you power to be immune from the enemies for a few seconds. Quite an advantage, if you think about it.

Sounds easy? Well, don’t forget that you have to steer clear from Paccy’s enemies. They roam all around the maze, trying to catch him. Be careful, because when you come into closer contact with any of them, Paccy will lose life! This also means, you will also lose all the progress you managed to make on that particular level. And remember that the more advances you manage to make in the game, the more cunning your opponents get. They will start moving up and down or forwards and backwards, for instance. Basically, they’ll do anything to catch Paccy.

Ready for a few hours of great entertainment? The good news is, you will be able to enjoy Paccy Sam at any place. No matter, whether you are using your PC, laptop or some mobile device while being on the go, the game will easily fit the thing that you are using. There’s no need to download or install any complicated software on your hard drive. Instead, all you need to have is a computer with an Internet connection and a browser. Easy to enjoy not only at home, but also at work, for instance!

How to start? Well, just click ‘Play game,’ then, choose your language. We wanted to make the game comprehensible for the international audience, so you will see the Italian as well as English version. Click ‘How to’ in case you don’t have any idea on how to play Paccy. This section contains the most basic instructions about the game.

Is that all? Absolutely! So, just click the arrows to move around and beware of the enemies!

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