Packman is the next game with Pacman in the lead role. Pacman is one of the most recognizable characters from games around the world. Games Pacman is much less some other more well known. One of the better known version is a pacman game Packman. Play packman and see whether this game will fall to you like it. Why not admire the game graphics, but it is interesting, because it differs somewhat from the pacman game that you know.

Packman game is a game based on the classic version of the Atari Pacman. The rules of this game are the same as the original. Again takes on the character of pacman and flee the board of the ghosts and collect the dots. The flash packman but you can meet with another set of large dots. They are, however, not only in other places, but it is also less. What else distinguishes a classical packman game from the game? Well, colors of the spirits – they are all equal color – navy. You can so easily be mistaken that the spirits can be enjoyed as a classic version of blue ghosts are harmless. The flash packman game white ghosts are harmless. What is interesting in this game, the ghosts themselves from time to time change its color to white, not necessarily after eating a large dot.

From the classic pacman game that also distinguishes the board itself. It is a bit different. Color has been preserved, but the board itself is simpler and has as many corners. There is also a bit smaller, but the game is also good, and maybe even better, at least for those who have just started to play with Pacman.

The graphics in the game is pretty simple. Even though one might say that it is very easy for some may seem quite boring and repulsive. However, this game is great.Packman has many steps, like his prototype. As in the classic, also appear on the board the fruits that we can gather to get a point bonus. Playing the game you can not view points – they are visible only after losing lives, the transition board or the game ends. But it is not negative – it makes a better focus on the game.

The game packman has three lives, as it is in the original. It is worth to keep them, because at the end are added for no extra points. Well, unless someone is not trying to beat the record a point, and just have fun with the arcade game that is the packman. Bonus points if you remember they are also harvested fruit. At the end of the game you have to enter names on the list of winners.

Control in the packman game traditionally is done using the arrow keys. In this game the arrows are very sensitive and need to carefully control the turning Packman, otherwise easily pass road. The game should start after pressing the ENTER key to start the game. Here, those who are accustomed to pressing the space bar to change their habits. Pressing ENTER during the game will turn on us pause. Packman game advantage is also true that the spirits are slower, easier game. flash Packman game is perfect for beginners.

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