The Pacmad game establish their design and graphics very popular in the eighties and nineties pacman game that was mostly available and very popular slot machines. The same simple graphics, practically stored in black and white Convention, only colored eyes are monsters.

In this pacman game you control a monster stwora- head, which quickly moves forward and eats smaller heads. The eat more sprouts in less time, it’s faster we go forward and faster oddalimy from the hunting and follows the us great head. Therefore, our task is eating smaller heads and simultaneously watching for it to us did not eat a big head. When you’re eaten by chasing our head, it’s the end of our game.

The game graphics very poor, no color, so for people who do not care about the visual appearance and additional gadgets. Pacmad game is very dynamic and requires a lot of concentration of attention, dynamics, agility and exceptional reflexes. The action takes place really quickly and easily dizzy. The graphics are somewhat scarce and tiring for the eye. Rather like the older players who already are skilled in this type of games of skill and those who like racing with their own capabilities.

In the game very simple to use because it is directed only up-down arrows. There are no additional difficulties just escape and pursuit of the fleeing heads. You can try your hand at this game and see what games the players have enjoyed in previous decades. Interesting experience for advanced players and beginners a real challenge. People who are just starting their adventure with this type of project can be initially difficult, but after some time, when bulk up, have a chance to win and progress to the next, more difficult level of the game.

We can play in with friends and bet who quickly move to the next stage, thus creating rankings lovers of the iconic Pacman in a little later installment.

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