Pacman 2005

Pacman Pacman 2005 is the next game, which is based on the classic rules and quite available for free on our portal. Game Pacman 2005 traditionally eats dots and avoid ghosts. So what is different in the pacman game? Scenery – this time the story of the pacman game takes place in hell. What do you think?

Anyone who likes pacman games certainly can catch it now at the keyboard and start having fun with us in the game Pacman 2005. This is a really cool pacman game, but the graphics might not impresses, but it’s a total nothing unusual, because generally all pacman games are very simple.

Rules of the game Pacman 2005 are traditional – use the arrows are moving Pacman around the board and eat yellow dots. Of course you have to avoid the ghosts! In the upper left corner of the mat amount of points, and the right to live and the amount available. Well, it’s basically just to start the game Pacman 2005.

I invite you and wish you a lot of something fun!

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