Pacman 3D The White House Edition

For those, who enjoy laughing I recommend Pacman 3D: White House edition. This game is very strictly related with the history (especially the presidents) of United States. Our task is to collect at each board George’s Washington’s favourite salty snacks, which the previous head of the state hid from Britains in the catacombs deep beneath the White House, during the War of Independence. In main hero impersonates George W. Bush, well-known former president of the USA. Scraps of his speeches are ridiculously braided in some parts of the game (among other things if you lost all your life’s, the president says: “I refuse to play”).

Traditionally we have to avoid the ghosts, but there are only three of them luckily: Beardy, Wheelie and Tricky. They are copies of some of the american politics from the past – Lincoln, Roosevelt and Nixon. Their movement is marked at the map below. To neutralize them, it is necessary to eat power pills (here they look like logo of the “Ghost Busters” movie), and after that they turn their colour to flashing green.

It is the only moment when you can defeat them by turning the tables on the ghosts and send them back to the crypt. In fact, they do not chase you, but by defeating them you can earn some bonus points (similarly when you drank cans with fizzy drinks, which are also bonuses). A single contact with a ghost may harm you, but will not kill you – unless you spin around the ghost pen without eating a power pellet – in that case you can easily lose a life. To improve your health level, you should take some of the white squares with red cross. The main problem of this free pacman is that the maze is made in very simple, quasi-3D technic, and the movement is difficult – we often don’t know where we currently are, and the mini map at the left down corner does not helping a lot. The maze is in monotonous colour scheme: blue and red are the only ones. There is no graphic details, except for gates and doors to the crypt of ghosts. In fact, the game could be sometimes boring because of it. Anyway, it is easily available online, so everyone who want to laugh at the former USA presidents – go and try yourselves!

3 Responses to “Pacman 3D The White House Edition”
  1. andrea says:

    this game is totally awesome!! i love every single pacman in this website

  2. haley says:

    omg this game is so kool but hard… its really funny when the ghosts beat u up tihehe.. its kool.. ♥

  3. Ariella says:

    The “spirits” are really scary!!
    But cool game!

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