Pacman 3D

Pacman 3D is a free online pacman game, made in 3D graphics. The rules remain the same – your goal is to eat every dot on the board to skip to another level and avoid three (later four) violet ghosts, which can kill you. Like in the official game, Pacman is a small yellow ball snapping his mouth constantly, but he moves faster and more fluently than in the previous one. Futhermore, you have four power pellets again (which are four bigger than the others and blinking dark blue balls), using which can neutralize your enemies (they turn on to be transpared and you have got a chance to eat them and gain extra points). However, after eating a ghost he appears immediately at the center of the maze in his normal shape.

The maze is a little bit different than in the original – it is made from colourful blocks, different in each level. The difficulty raises with the number of level – for example, maze in the second board is more complicated and there are four ghosts instead of three like it was in the first one. In comparition to the original Pacman game, there is no bonus fruits, and ghosts didn’t have different patterns of behaviour – their movement is simply random, none of them has this “killer’s instinct” like Blinky (the red) or Pinky (pink one) in the licensed Pacman created by Namco, which were chasing deliberately our hero.

Moreover, they don’t differ from each other colours. Another drawback is quite difficult moving Pacman – the only way to play is to use computer keyboard arrows, which needs a bit practice (to do it very skilfully you should spend at least some time playing the game). Altough the lacks in controlling our hero, the simplicity of the game and pretty nice graphics make the time spent while playing this free version of Pacman a pleasureable form of relaxation.

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  1. crystal says:

    i love all pac-man but there trying to ruin the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G original

  2. Leah says:


  3. Karl says:

    How is this 3D pacman?
    I think you will find this is called 2.5D.
    3D would be where you can move on all three axes!

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