Pacman Adventure

Pacman Adventure – Dracula’s Castle is a pacman free online game made in flash. However it refers to the traditional game (it is a classical maze game, also the sound effects are loaned from the original Namco’s product), it has very nice graphics – very vivid colours indeed. The plot is following: Pacman has got a girlfriend, who was kidnapped by count Dracula. Brave hero follows to rescue her. In order to do it, and of course to defeat earl Dracula, he has to collect all of the jewels, garlics, colourful bottles with blessed water and crucifixes. To manage this, he has to gain keys which open different chambers of Dracula’s castle (however, the first of them look like garden – the maze is made of hedge). Of course, all of those items are cunningly hidden in hard to reach recesses of the castle. Moreover, every single chamber is a maze – sometimes very complicated (in some of them we have to push chests to collect items or beware of spikes immediately growing out of the floor), but there is no two identical ones. Instead of ghosts well known from the original Pacman, here we have zombies, living gargoyle’s and ghosts (but a very typical ones, white and creepy). However, most of them (excluding zombies, but they aren’t too fast, luckily) do not chase Pacman while he is exploring the inside of chamber’s. Although meeting every one of them could be harmful, it doesn’t end by losing a life immediately. Pacman has a reserve of health in those red hearts at the right side of the screen, so one contact with a zombie can’t kill you.

In some chambers (especcialy those quite difficult) there are some extra hearts, using which can fill up health level. A novelty is also loading option – after losing a life, we can continue the game from the moment where we had lost it, being more precisely – without all the items that we collected, but with an access to all of the chambers which were opened formerly. As you may see now, our success depends on our cleverness and speed; of course, a stroke of luck is also very helpful. Go on and try yourself playing Pacman!

9 Responses to “Pacman Adventure”
  1. this is the coolest game ever it is hard to get through but very fun

  2. ashley says:

    this should be a little easier for the lower levers and it should give you more lives!

  3. Randy says:

    Very challenging but and times in the game very very hard and unfair…..I find the monster’s are faster than Pacman when walking…Also too many monster’s conpaired with Pacman…Should you make a remake of the same game, well allow Pacman more lives and move faster if the odds are against him…Very very fun game…I loved it!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  4. will says:

    nice and cool lol how ur doing this for her but its all goooooooooooooooooooooood game

  5. haley says:

    cool game but the guy walks slow!!!!! yes make it go FASTER!!! plz thnxx.. :) :3

  6. tayebeh says:

    I love this game,thank you so much- but when I collected all the things, and i went to dracula’s land, than what should i do ? how to use my crucifix to kill the draculla ? which keyword should we use ??

  7. ikhmot says:

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  8. Davidshmavid says:

    Definitely a fun game.

  9. zeel says:

    the games r super duper cool and I mean it

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