Pacman arcade

This Pacman arcade game does not differ from other spin offs. It is maybe more colourful and easier to navigate, but the rules stay the same. Your task is to control this little fellow which mess around the maze and collect light blue balls. It is necessary to end the level successfully. Avoiding those four ghosts is also a good idea – if one of them touches you, you are dead. If you want to be more crafty than them – eat a power pellet, which make the ghosts powerless and they became blue. Also they will turn away from you and run away, and you get the ability to chase them – your speed increases immediately and significantly. However, do not be glad prematurely – they reappear in the ghost pen (the rectangle in the center of the maze, in this version you can easily get in when there are no ghosts) almost at the same time when they were killed, so better be careful. In this pacman game they have a little different colours than in the original Pacman (except the red – Blinky and pink one – Pinky, which retained not only the colours but also behaviour patters – they are the most dangerous pair of ghosts). The others are dark blue and green. The maze is quite similar to others in this kind – especcially the location of the two warp tunnels. The background resembles rock crystal, it is very limpid indeed.

In fact, the graphics is really good looking, but the navigation by arrows – quite horrific. The little fellow does not react immediately; sometimes if you want to go down he stays stubbornly in place or skips those little balls which he should collect. As it is not to predict, the ghost catches him and player loses a life.

However, the game has one interesting option – you can compare your score with your facebook friends and check their scores. If you think that you are pretty good at pacman, you can challenge your mates and see if some of them can beat your score. The site will provide your own leaderboard to see who from your friends is the best Pacman arcade player.

6 Responses to “Pacman arcade”
  1. ikhmot says:

    stuped people

  2. areeba says:

    very interesting and intelligent game.

  3. Klara Abbas says:

    Whoaaa those bangles are really beautiful! Want Want Want!!! xxx

  4. Amazing Alex says:

    He probably is getting better but I don’t think he’s a top fighter that would give him a good match

  5. Salma says:

    how to complete the level 10, please tell me ??????????????????????

  6. DaveYorkshire says:

    It is not possible to complete level 10 – someonne has doctored the game, its now useless

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