Pacman Bedroom

Pacman Bedroom is a completely unusual pacman game. Why ? Therefore, we won’t be here move your character Pacman around the maze and escape the ghosts. And what will we do? Garnish room. Surprised? For sure, but sometimes a little variety in handy – what do you think ?

This pacman game is very simple. On the left you have 9 icons depicting various objects that can be placed in the room. In each subject is a choice of 3 different models – all models are naturally associated with pacman games. In this pacman game on the board, you can place elements such as wardrobe, window , carpet, chair , bed, shelf , lamp , wall color and floor color . Much of this is not, but fun , and it can be fun. This pacman game will most appeal to girls .

If you tired of the classic Pacman games are cordially invited to play. Pacman Bedroom is a nice escape from the maze and trying to keep running away from ghosts. If you like modern pacman games it certainly will be perfect to play with us.

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