Pacman Fight

Pacman Fight is another fantastic Pacman game. This time Pacman has gone 3D and learnt some very useful ninja moves. Use arrow keys to run and jump and use spacebar to shoot at your opponents. If you want to, you can jump much higher if you hold down the „Up” or „W” key. Collect Shuriken bonuses which allows you to shoot at ghosts and your other opponents. Good thing in that game is that you can collect health bonuses which keeps you strong and alive. Each level has some numerous secrets that store more valuable bonuses that can improve your hero’s health and give Pacman temporary superpowers. And remember! Never jump directly at your opponent’s heads, it is useless and deadly. Beside of that and the platform nothing’s chanege. You have to collect yellow dots – but this time you don’t have to collect them all to get to the another level. And still there are ghosts, but this time you don’t have to seach for special dots to kill them. You just have to shoot them.

The funny thing is thet when they see you they are running from you. In this game there is also some kind of Pacman’s mentor. He says what to do – the most important thing is that you have to find his twin brother and kill him couse he’s evil. To get to the another level you have to open the door which the matching key – each colour siuts for one doors in the same colour.

This game is even more funny than original Pacman. In this game you don’t have to just collect dots. You have tasks, secret ways and other really good and funny things. But someone who really loves original Pacman wouldn’t like this one. It’s a really brand new Pacman. On the other hand it is always good to try some new things. And I think this is really good stuff. Sometimes it could look like some adventure game (for example Super Mario), but it is still our Pacman just a little bit changed. Don’t be afraid of new things – try this Pacman!

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  1. adnaan says:

    i love this game 2

  2. sophi says:

    i think the sixth level is a dead end

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