Pacman Garden Rider

Pacman Garden Rider is a pretty interesting pacman game, where you can play the producent levels, or make your own boards. Pacman Garden Rider is also quite unusual pacman game, because we haven’t got here the classic pacman but the common man, who didn’t run away from ghosts but the garden creatures.

In each of the boards in Pacman Garden Rider you have to collect all the flowers that are in the garden. It isn’t so easy, because in this garden nasty creatures intefere you in this mission. In this pacman game we haven’t a “large dot”, so you can’t eat creatures – here all the time they are your enemies. The only safe place in the game Pacman Garden Rider is the location from which you start the game – there will never come creatures.

In the game Pacman Garden Rider , we have no limit to live. In a particular mission, you play as long as you manage to pass it. Every time you catch a creature you don’t even need to start collecting flowers from scratch, but with each collision with the creatures – flowers arrives back on the board.

All information about the game Pacman Garden Rider can be found at the bottom of the screen. In the lower left corner of this pacman game you have given number of steps we have done during the game. Next to the steps is given numbers of flowers which you collect, and how much is still to be collected. Next you have specified level, in which you play and its name. In the lower right corner you have options such as: GUIDE – how to play on Pacman Garden Rider , MENU – exit to the main screen of this pacman game and EDIT that allows you to change the board’s sole discretion.

In the game Pacman Garden Rider you can also create your own board entirely clicking on the main screen EDITORIAL LEVEL, instead of the PLAY button. You will be see a panel. On the left side you have provided accessible elements and their symbols, at the right you have the field where you can use the signs. When the board will be create, you can click PLAY on the lower right corner to start the fun.

Pacman Garden Rider is a really great pacman game, with which you definitely will not be bored. Why? So that here you can create charts in its sole discretion, and the opportunities they create are thousands. Pacman Garden Rider will give you entertained for a very long time. Want to try? You are cordially invited.

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