Pacman Gratis

Pacman Gratis is a pacman game that has been moved to the underground world, where Satan reigns. This underground world is called hell. You could say that this infernal Pacman Gratis  that case that you do get hot, and how hot it depends on whether it will fall pacman game you enjoy it.

The Pacman Gratis  game like the classic version of Pacman game where you are moving around the board, eating dots and running away from ghosts. There is no distinction between large and small dots, but we have to choose the yellow dots, that is normal and red dots, which are responsible for the conversion of roles, namely, that after eating it you can catch the spirits, and they are not you. This is of course well-known theme of the classic PacMan games.

The Pacman Gratis have traditionally been available for some live, and exactly three lives, which you can view in the upper left of the year. Of course life is lost through the clash with the spirit. Pacman Gratis from other pacman games makes the shape of the board – it is quite different here, not only in terms of color and theme of hell, but also in terms of placement of walls and studs. There is also a base from which launches the spirits, they are simply arranged on the board. Ghosts are traditionally four, except that here there is no division of the colors – they’re all the same.

As far as other technical matters Pacman Gratis game  is in the upper left corner you can preview the number of points. Control traditionally held on the arrows. There is no Pacman Gratis emerging from time to time the fruit, so do not count on the bonus points. This game is a pacman game phased, so waiting was a lot of fun.

It’s enough when it comes to technical matters and the rules of the game Pacman Gratis. I hope that this will fall pacman game you enjoy and spend good time with it.This arcade game is ideal for both large and small pacman fans, and is ideal for people who are just getting started with pacman game. I wish you great fun!

4 Responses to “Pacman Gratis”
  1. huda tariq says:

    love it play it enjoy it have it

  2. Jemmy Gordon says:

    The Pacman Gratis is really a interesting game which I play frequently. Nice to read about it. What a fantastic game that is. Thanks :)

  3. pacman lover says:

    i dont like it

  4. lindsy says:

    i cant get 2 level 2?

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