Pacman Guitar Ninja

Pacman Guitar Ninja is a pretty cool Pacman game, in which the transition is of course some cool charts. In this pacman game, instead of the classic Pacman we have a man who escapes from the devil, and not against ghosts. You don’t have to collect the dots here but the colored crystals, which, however, you can’t collect in any way, and only in accordance with the order which is given to you at the top of the screen. Besides crystals must also collect guitars located in the corners of the board. Are you ready? Welcome to the fun.

Not only the classic pacman games can be fun and engaging, but also the slightly more unusual, such as Pacman Guitar Ninja, in which you can just play for free on our site. If you like unusual pacman games we cordially invite you to play along with us – I guarantee that it will be excellent. So what is the Pacman Guitar Ninja?

In this pacman game we haven’t got classic Pacman, ghosts and dots, the board also looks different, but the general sense of pacman games has been preserved here. Your task in this pacman game is, of course delete all items from the board, that allowing you to move on to the next stage – there are quite a lot of stages.

Classic Pacman is here replaced by a Ninja, and spirit have been replaced by devils. Instead of dots in a Pacman Guitar Ninja are crystals and guitars. Very interesting and unheard of in other pacman games thing is that the crystals can’t be collect in any manner, but according to the order of colors, which are given in the table at the top of the screen. Cool stuff, but also making it difficult to play. What if I make a mistake and take other crystal? I’ll kick you current and diminish the quality of life in the bar above the figure. Overall, the game Pacman Guitar Ninja have 3 lives which are worth saving. All life is lost in the moment of impact with the devil, so watch out for him.

All options in this game pacman you will find in the right pane of the screen. There, starting from the top you have time to collect a sequence of diamonds – if you lose it before you all life. Have slightly lower level, in which you play, the number of live and points scored.

What else should I add? Maybe enough to use the arrows to move in this pacman game, collect crystals in space and on the buttons 1, 2, 3 Using magical powers through which you can remove from the board of the devil. Magical powers are available if you purchase them in the store (STORE) for the appropriate amount of coins, so play to earn points.

This pacman game promises to be very interesting as you can see, even though the graphics don’t admire. I recommend it very warmly, because fun with her is fantastic. Sing praises with us in Pacman Guitar Ninja, and have a great time.

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